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Zootility Careful Key Antimicrobial Door Opener Grip-70 ZH-CK-G70
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Our Zootility Careful Key Antimicrobial Door Opener ZH-CK-G70 features: OPEN DOORS: The Careful Key's hook shape provides extra control when opening pull doors. PRESS BUTTONS: From elevators to ATMs to POS key pads, you come into contact with buttons throughout our day. Careful Key offers a barrier between your hand and those surfaces. USE AS A STYLUS: The Careful Key Grip offer a corner for signatures and a flat surface for touch screens. KILLS 99.9% of harmful bacteria in 2 hours under lab conditions.[1] INACTIVATES CORONAVIRUS within 4 hours of contact with copper surface.[2] Copper ions start to break down coronavirus microbes in 10 minutes. Higher copper content has been shown to proportionally reduce the time to destroy the virus.[3] CAREFUL KEY IS NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE AND ZOOTILITY MAKES NO CLAIMS TO ITS ABILITY TO COMPLETELY STOP THE SPREAD OF DISEASE OR CURE ANY AILMENTS. DISINFECT WHEN POSSIBLE AND USE WHEN APPROPRIATE. SELF-SANITIZING KEYCHAIN TOOL: Careful Key is made from antimicrobial copper. Use this hooked keychain tool instead of your hands to do simple tasks, like touch a screen, keypad, or open a door handle, while in public places. Attach this tool to your keychain, to have it handy and avoid touching common surfaces in public places. The Grip-70: Made of 70% copper, this Careful Key gives the user more control with its 3" length and finger loop. MADE IN THE USA WITH PRIDE!

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