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Our SCOTTEVEST JACKET for Women SJW features: With 23 pockets (many of them hidden, all of them subtle), the SeV Sterling Jacket for Women has more pockets than any other single women's SCOTTEVEST item. - perfect for travel, because it doesn't stand out as "travel clothing," so you won't feel out of place. - It's versatile, too, since the sleeves are removable so you can wear it as a vest. That's not a typo - we know it's hard to see where they connect, but we engineered it that way on purpose. - While walking confidently is important to deterring crime wherever you are, the Sterling has a few extra layers of protection against theft: - With 23 pockets, you don't need to carry a bag… and if you do, you can keep your most important items - like your passport and money - in your SeV. - Pickpockets hate SCOTTEVEST (we think). We have a $1,000 pickpocket guarantee on our clothing… but no one has ever had to use it. - Today's pickpockets have gone high tech. Using RFID skimmers, they can steal the critical information from your credit cards and passport while they're still in your wallet! That's why we built in an RFID-blocking liner to an interior pocket. - Concealed cuff pockets are the perfect hiding spot for your Metrocard, ID, credit card or "emergency $20."

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