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Devo Products Portable Folding Travel Table 027606
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Our Devo Products Portable Folding Travel Table 027606 features: Quick set up and very easy to use. Weight:2 lbs Dimensions: Folded 14" x 9" x 1.5", Open 14" x 18" x .75" Check out this article from USA today, dated: August 18, 2010 A man who turned a roll-aboard into a laptop table By Kitty Bean Yancey, USA TODAY Michael DeVolder uses his laptop table top at the Des Moines Airport. CAPTION By James D. Fidler, The Des Moines Register A guy who converted a rolling suitcase into a worktable is Michael DeVolder of Des Moines, a veteran travel marketer who dreamed up a product that was nominated as one of the best new ones of 2010 by the Travel Goods Association. It's a tray table that attaches to the handle of a rolling suitcase in fewer than 10 seconds, allowing travelers to work on a laptop, eat neatly or let their kids color while waiting at the gate or otherwise killing time at the airport. Dave Elbert of The Des Moines Register just wrote a story about the laptop-table. DeVolder says he has been "overwhelmed" with orders. "The Travel Table" weighs 1.7 pounds, he says and will easily support the weight of a laptop. It costs $49 plus shipping.(Lazar's price just $39.95 + $5 shipping). Posted Aug 18 2010 8:31AM More on the travel table: Easy & Functional The Travel Table was designed with the business traveler in mind, whether a frequent flier in the 100,000 mile club or the once-a-month traveler who takes quick shuttles between two near-by cities. The time in the terminal waiting for a flight, especially if there is a delay, can be frustrating and stressful. Our easy-to use, light-weight folding table helps make the terminal wait a positive and productive experience. Placing your laptop securely and comfortably on The Travel Table (whether you are sitting or standing), creates an environment conducive to accomplishing work away from the office. The simplicity of the functionality is the beauty of this table. Removing the table from your briefcase and attaching it to your luggage handle takes just a few seconds. Additionally, the table is adjustable according to the angle of your handle. Non-business travelers will also discover many, many uses for this folding Travel Table. Have you ever grabbed a quick bite to eat at the airport and taken it back to your chair and attempted to balance the soft drink and food on your lap or on the floor The Travel Table provides the ease and convenience of eating your meal on a secure tray--attached firmly to your carry-on handle. Also, parents traveling with toddlers and young children will welcome this "helper".

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